Simple Minds
Windows sounds

These few wavetable sound files are for making working with windows a bit more fun. I wasn't able to hear that stupid Microsoft "Tah-Dah" anymore. So I made this files out of a few Simple Minds songs and it makes quite more fun to work with Windows...

All you have to do is to follow the instructions and you'll like your operating system the more.

Is it also working with other Operating Systems like Linux or MacOS? I dont know - try it!


Simple Minds
Windows sounds

1) download the ZIP-file (1.6 MByte) to your locale computer.

2) extract the ZIP-archive and copy the files to

3) open the "Sounds and Audio Devices" at your "system controls" panel and choose the Tab "Sounds".

4) now assign the following sounds to events:
"start Windows" <= "Simple Minds Start Windows"
"Exit Windows" <= "Simple Minds Exit Windows"
"Exclamation" <= "Simple Minds Exclamation"

5) save the "Sounds Theme as "Simple Minds".