Simple Minds 3D Crystal


After a quite long period of time of fighting and working,
if give up getting an official allowness to use the claddagh.
For me, it was a really unsatisfied and frustrating way to
communicate with the responsible people.

In addition in contacting 2fluid_creative, I also tried to go
a second way to contact Mr. Jim Kerr in person. I tried it in
two way by e-mail, but never got any responce. Here is my
e-mail to Mr. Jim Kerr:

germany, august 2004

Dear Mr. Kerr,

I'm sorry to interrupt your vacations and I know, that this is not the official and usual way to contact you. But for me, it is the only way to contact you dirctly, without any managers and and other blocking people.

As you may know, I'm doing some projects for the members of the community*. These projects are thought for making the community members a joy - not for making a profite. My latest project was the "Simple Minds Community* Sticker", which was a real success. Now I'm doing a new project with a "3D Crystal". But now my sad story is starting.

Of cause, I'm always asking for doing it, because of the copyrights. It's quite to risky for me to start things without the official allowness, because I finance my projects with my private income. So I was going to ask 2fluid_creative for the copyrights and I got them - well - first. After getting them, I started making a contact to the manufacturer that I have chosen, because this one has the best pricings. But suddenly - that's now more than 3 weeks ago - I again got an e-mail of 2fluid_creative, that this get away of giving me the copyrights and that they basically doesnt know anything about my crystal-project. They forced me to change my project website again. The reason for it: they are thinking, I want to make profite. But I aint.

So I phoned 2fluid_creative directly asking them, why they dont believe me. The answer was, that the sticker was ok, because of the promotional effect. For the new project, they want to phone Simple Minds headquater to be sure, no problems will get me. I have to mention, that this was very kind of them. There is no need for them to phone your headquater, but they did.

Well - I have no problems with it to stop my project now. I lost about 180 ERUO with it, which is quite a lot of money for me, but nothing is ordered or sold up to now. So there is no problem.

Would you please so kind and think about my latest project and tell your headquater to give me a "GO" or a "STOP IT"? I'm really frustrated of the way of communication, I have describt above.

Kindest regards from germany
Alexander Gerhards

NEWS 30/08/2004 - "HOLD"-state

Because of some problems belonging the permission of using
the design styles of Simple Minds, the project had to be
changed into a "HOLD"-state.

In additon I got forced to make some changings to this timelime.

Beleave me when saying, I did my best to rescue this project!

You'll get informed, when getting a reply....


the time shedule has changed! Watch out the news from 11/07/2004.
Please note, that:

end of pre-ordering has been shorten to end of september!

NEWS 24/08/2004 - POSTAL FEES

Now a got the postal fees. I use the calculations of
german post/DHL. As I have thought, the postal fees are
getting more expensive as the product itselfs....

Here is the table for p&p:

postal fees (p&p)
to be sent as
"small parcel"
inner germany 5.50 €
inner europe (EU)
by air-mail
14.00 €
inner europe (EU)
by land-mail
9.90 €
outer europe
USA, Canada,... by air-mail
26.00 €
outer europe
USA, Canada,... by land-mail
13.70 €

NEWS 19/08/2004 - PRICING FIXED!

After doing tons of calculations, I finally got the fixed price!

The 3D crystal inclusive a padded box,
having a magnetic fastener:

€ 9.20 plus p&p


Today the sample arrived from the manufactorer. I checked the style and design,
and there asome small details to change. I'll contact the manufacturer as soon
as possible for that changes.

Here are some very first impressions, I took with my digital still camera.

Additional to the crystal, you'll get the case, shown below.


The pre-ordering starts today!

For the prizing, I guess it will get below € 10.00 each plus postal fees.
More exact calculations will come soon!

NEWS 28/07/2004

The very first design has finished, saved in a 3D fileformat and sent to
the manufacturer. For your information, I made a screenshot where to see
the crystal in pyramid style and the 3D objects in it from some views.


For all, who want to build the socket themselfs. This little movie is showing,
how to build such a socket easily on your own.

You are able to add some electronics inside, if you want to. Maybe such as
little lamps or LEDs. The little hole in the front bar is for adding a cable.


Because of the quantity of different sockets in color, style
and illumination, I ask you to order your socket on your own.

Please have in mind, that...

1. ... the base size of your crystal.
2. ... only "LED base lights" are for use with acrylic.

Here are some links, where you are able to find some:

worldclass promotions

Display It!

DeRoberts Gifts


Kela's glass art

NJM Gallery

... or search yourself in Google for "LED light base".


After thinking of a release date, I came to the following result:

design & pricing calcs FIXED!
begin of pre-ordering NOW!
end of pre-ordering september, 30st 2004
tranferring payment 1st to 14th october 2004
release date up from december, 1st 2004

NEWS 08/07/2004 - FIRST DESIGN

The very first design has been done. It will get in a
pyramid-style sized 60x60x60 millimeters. Within
the crystal, the claddagh in 2fluid style is designed,
like you are able to see in the pictures below.

NOTE: the wooden socket will not be included to this project!

For a detailed view, please click the right image to enlarge.


A single laser beam penetrates through the crystal to an exact coordinate.
By applying the required energy it fractures or melts the crystal at a
specific point. This method is similar to a focused magnifying glass. The
laser technology is non-invasive leaving no marks above or below the desired
fractured point.

The leaded crystal is a world class optically clear product. This clarity
eliminates deflection of the laser and insures a quality image. The typical
image contains thirty to over one-hundred thousand points. Controlled by a
computer program the laser starts on the bottom layer of the model and moves
upward until the image or all points are complete. The video below demonstrates
an image being fabricated.

The quality of the image is based on the number of points used to create an
image and the diameter of the point created by the laser. The greater the
number of points in an image reflects an increase in the models detail.
Increasing points however increases laser production time required to produce
a single product.

NEWS 29/06/2004 - THE IDEA

My wife got a little keyring as a souvenir of a clothing
company, which looks like a piece of plastic, having
the 3D logo of that company inside. This logo is made
of many very small air bubbles.


So I asked myself, how this was getting produced. I searched
the internet for that technology and got some very
interresting informations about it.

Because I am also doing some 3D renderings, the idea of using
such a technology for a new project was born soon.

We dont have any Simple Minds merchandising stuff, except
some tour-shirts and tour-books. So the idea is, to create
some stuff on our own.

As the last, the very successfully sticker project, I'll start
a new project with a 3D crystal.

This is NOT commercial! I only calculate
the production costs and postal fees! There is absolutely
NO profit for anyone, except for the company, who
is instructed to produce the crystals.

The Simple Minds logo and the design might be copyright
protected by a designing company. This crystals
are only for private usage and not for sale. I don't take
any responsibilities.