Community Shirt

The Simple Minds logo and the design might be copyright protected by "2fluid" and/or "". Download and usage of any files of this side is only for private usage and not for sale. I don't take any responsibilities. It's on your own risk.

I have read this notice above and want to download the files.

1) download the file you prefer. There are several formats available. To get the best resolution, use a vector oriented file format, if possible.

JPG : compressed bitmap
BMP : uncompressed bitmap
WMF : Windows Meta File (vector-oriented)
EPS : Enhanced Post Script (vector-oriented)

2) Open the downloaded file, using a graphical software tool. Print it in the size you prefer to a piece of paper. To get better results, try to use a color printer.
3) Take your print-out and go to your nearest copy-shop. Ask them to copy it to a shirt you prefer. It should be placed om the t-shirts b-side shoulders.
4) Enjoy your new clothing!